Trading Tools

There are a number of tools I use in my trading activity.
  • QuickenQuicken Home and business is the most important tool. You must have a comprehensive record of all financial transactions and I find this software gives an excellent result. I have a record of all transactions since 1994.
  • commsecCommsec Iress is my preferred trading platform. I activate the program 15 minutes before market open and it runs in the background until close of market. My first trade 21 Feb 1996 was a purchase of 600 CBA @ $11.15 with a brokerage of $85.50.
  • I use a margin loan from Commsec. The advantages and disadvantages of gearing are well known. I monitor my position every day and ensure that I have ample collateral available. I was able to manage the loan through the GFC without a margin Call
  • Incredible Charts I use this free charting service as an adjunct to the charts within Commsec. Simple and effective software either 20 minutes delayed or for a small fee live pricing

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Keith Law

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