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Share Trading

At this point, the 2016-17 trading year has been posotive. I have gained from takeovers from DUE and VIT as well as the surge in banking stocks. I have now sold all my banking stocks as I see them fully priced and the risk of a pull back as significant. I am re balancing my portfolio by pirchasing income orientated listed investment companies. These investments in Switzer Divident Growth Fund SWTZ and Plato Income maximiser PL8 will give exposure to over 60 listed investments that all pay regular dividends. I am also buying BHP shares as reduced prices for Iron Ore have caused selling that exaggerates the impact on BHP’s fiancial position


. With a little over 6 weeks to the end of the tax year I am on track for the best return since the GFC and hence an increased tax liability. Looking back over my 20 years of trading I have not been able to achieve two consecutive trading years with strong results. Cirrently my margin trading account has a gross return of 37% while my Superannuation account has a return of 9.9%. My 10 year average returns have been 6% and 3.5% respectively although this includes the impact of the GFC. 




 I have increased my holdings in Programmed Maintenance after recent profit warning. Broker analysis remains positive with a projected EBITDA of $100m for 2017 somewhat below prior guidance.





 Entry in May on pull back.






Speculative buy: proving to be a good income producer.





I bought into SKI  @ $2.01 as the potential yield is over 7% at this price with very low risk of revenue weakness.







 The two lines on these charts are linear regression moving averages.  The short term line covers 21 periods and the medium term line covers 60 periods. I look for stocks to have an up bias in both the averages as well as last price above both averages.


My holdings are geared by a margin Loan to 4o% The loan is not negative geared as dividends are at least 200% of the interest charges.  As a professional share trader I do not claim the capital gains concession. All shares are held as trading stock and marked to market  and tax is paid each financial year on any and all trading profits.