There is no doubt that luck plays a big part in share trading. In the last year or so I  have benefited from merger activity that I did not foresee. In fact there have been four profitable instances: UXC, Vitco, Skilled and mow Programmed Maintenance. You can see from the chart the price went up by $1.17 on the takeover  announcement. I sold my holdings for a very substantial gain

Programmed Maintenance PRG  Thank you to Japan!
All Ords
All Ords 6 months  Not much progress. We must be due for a brake out from the trading range.
ANz BANK  best of the 4 to trade. Sell target above $31


AUSNET SERVICES  long term holding for income.
  • BHP  I have a sell target over $30.
BANK OF QLD  Fairly valued  good franked income.
GENWORTH MORTAGE INS  Speculative - needs quick responses to changes in sentiment. This is a trading stock - buy below 42.80 and sell above $3.20
SPARK INFRASTRUCTURE  Great income and reliable business segment.
SWITZER FUND  Income fund yet to prove it's worth.
TELSTRA   I have sold all my Telstra shares and am looking at re-entry below $3.30 preferably closer to $3. The down trend is firm and a bottom has to form before any reentry.


I have bought 40,000 shares in this LIC which is to pay monthly dividends.