FY 2014-15 Performance

Result for 2014-15
Result for 2014-15

As the graph shows performance in the last quarter reduced what in April had been a very promising position. The end results was a 6.31% return on capital split 6.67% from my Margin Loan Trading Account and 6.17% from my Allocated Pension Account.  There was a slight improvement in my Net Wealth.


The All ordinaries ended up much where it started but did range from near 6000 to below 5200. This created a number of trading opportunities.


Weakness in iron ore prices weighted on the big miners.



My largest losing position was in Fortesque Metals.


Bank of Queensland was a star performer with an exit near the top and a reentry below $13.


Again an exit @ $2.61 and reentry @ $2.30 plus a dividend.



Accumulated 20,000 @ $1.30 and sold 15,000 @ $1.62 on merger activity.

Held for dividend income.


My Largest holding mainly for dividend income. I consider this stock to be undervalued.


Exited Westpac near $36 and reentered at $33.50. Received dividends as well.