2015 Trading Performance

2015 XAO


The XAO index has not significantly  improved over the year. A range of over a 1000 points from almost 6000 to below 5000. This has been a volatile market with opportunities being company specific rather than general market sentiment. The fall in the  materials sector dominated the index.


However 2015 has proven to be an excellent trading year with my margin loan trading account returning and gross performance of 32.48% Two thirds of this return was from merger and takeover activity from UXC land Skilled Group. In particular UXC returned over half on my investment gains. Gains were also from BOQ WBC and DUE. Losses were incurred from BHP FMG and S32. This has been my best performance ex GFC.


My allocated Pension didn't do as well returning a meager 3.48% slightly below my draw down rate. Nevertheless the year saw in improvement in my net wealth of about 7%.