2009/10 performance

Index perfromance

From the above graph we can see that most of the gain in the index happened between July 2009 and October 2009. The index made three highs in Oct, January and April but each time failed to advance through the 5000 level with conviction. The last quarter of the year saw a pull back towards 4200. The index opened at 3872 and on 15 April hit an inter day high of 5048 which was a gain of 30.37%. The last quarter saw a 13.43% decline to finish at 4370. The net annual increase was 498 points or 12.86%.
My gross trading returns were :
  • Margin Share Trading 15.57%
  • Warrants and Shares  15.08%
  • Allocated pension  10.65%

However after allowing for expenses mainly margin interest and trading fees  my net trading performance was a very modest 5.63% This is about the same result I would have received from a bank term deposit so in all a very disappointing year. My main gains came from from trades in CBA,WBC, BHP, SPN in the first half of the year. TLS proved a drain on performance with dividend income barely exceeding the loss in capital value. UXC ended the year at very low levels however  I broke even for the year while increasing exposure substantially. QBE has been a losing trade as has AMP.


My allocated pension tends to trace market performance. The gross performance for the year was:

  • Cash  4.33%
  • Balanced 10.28%
  • Conservative 9.85%
  • Growth 19.17%

This was a combined 10.65% gain. However after the draw down of my pension the net gain was a 2.71% capital increase. The pension is spread across all asset classes with a significant proportion in cash and fixed interest.


asset allocation

2010/11 financial year opens in weakness and with a great amount of negative sentiment. I expect that there will be a gradual improvement in sentiment and this year should be mildly positive.