2010 calendar year performance

The calendar year 2010 saw the All Ordinaries Index open at 4882, peak on the 15 April at 5048 then collapse to a year low of 4194 on 21 May. The second half saw a slow recovery with the index closing on 4846 just 36 points below where it started the year. This has been a difficult year for trading with some stocks showing large falls in price.



While the All ordinaries may have recovered much of the losses the financial sector has shown substantial loss on a yearly basis.




The materials which includes BHP and RIO  on the other hand has shown a substantial  increase based on commodity prices and Chinese demand.




For the calendar year I saw a gross trading loss of 7.55%. After dividend income this was reduced to almost square. I hold significant proportion of my trading stock in TLS, UXC and AMP.

TLS $3.43 to $2.79; UXC $ $0.785 to $0.485; AMP $6.77 to $5.29.

My winning positions included SPN 12.67%; CBA $13.30%; NAB 16.97% and SUN 36.28% .