Performance 2012

All Ords 2012


The All Ords had a gain in the year of 468 points or 11.15%. The open was 4196 and the close 4664. The low point was on June 4 at 4033. My investment performance for 2012 has been very pleasing. This has been my best year since 2007 pre GFC. My gross return on my share investments was a remarkable 69.56%. My over all investment return was 20.24% which included an average return on my Allocated Pension of 7.35%.  This included three investment options: cash 4.08%, conservative 8.15% and balanced 8.67%.


The low point in June 2012 negatively affected my end of year tax position. Consequently, the upsurge in the second half of the year has seen a significant tax position gain which if held to end of the financial year should absorb all my tax losses carried forward.


The return from investments included some strong returns on AMP, FMG and TLS. However the standout return was from UXC.


uxc 2012

I had accumulated a significant number of UXC shares at an average price of 40 cents. The price rise to $1.075 at the end of year created a large profit gain. I sold half my holding at an average price near $1.00 and locked in the gain. The aim is not to allow any single holding to exceed 25% of my total holdings. I try to maintain between 6 and 10 stocks in a diversified portfolio. UXC is still my largest holding.



My portfolio as at 31 December 2012 was


portfolio 2012